Striped Baby Leg Warmers

Pinnable Baby Leg Warmers

These super cute leg warmers are size 6-9 months. Use a smaller or bigger hook to obtain a different size or adjust the number of rows in the cuff. The cuff is textured and extra stretchy using back loops only and the body is textured using the super simple star stitch (sc, dc). There is also a foot strap at the bottom to help keep the leg warmers on your wiggle worms. My baby loves her new striped leg warmers and it only took me 30 minutes to make them!


-Size H Hook

-Cascade 220 100% Wool yarn in Pink and White


-Ch = Chain

-Sc = Single Crochet

-Dc = Double Crochet

-BLO = Back Loops Only

-Sk = Skip

-Sl St = Slip Stitch


(Done all in White)

Round 1: Ch 12.

Round 2: Dc in 3rd Ch from hook and in each St across.

Round 3: Ch 2 (Counts as first Dc). BLO Dc in the second stitch and each St across.

Rounds 4-18: Repeat Round 3.

Round 19: Sl st the ends together to form a ring, do not twist.

Round 20: Ch 1, Sc in same space, Sc around the ring. Sl st to first Sc. You should get 30 st.

Leg Warmer Stripes:

Round 21 (In Pink): Ch 1, Sc in same space, Dc in next st, *Sc in next, Dc in next. Repeat from * til end, Sl st to first Sc.

Rounds 22-26 (In Pink): Repeat Round 21.

Rounds 27-31 (In White): Repeat Round 21.

Rounds 32-36 (In Pink): Repeat Round 21.

Rounds 37-41 (In White): Repeat Round 21.

Foot Strap:

Row 1(In Pink): Ch 1, BLO Sc in same St, Dc in next, Sc in next, Dc in next, Ch 1, turn.

Rows 2-6: Repeat Row 1.

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6 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Get Your Baby to Fall Asleep

Baby Echo Sleeping Pinnable

It’s 11 pm but the baby is still awake! She is tired and cranky but way too wiggly to fall asleep. She isn’t hungry, her diaper just got changed. What do you do?

1. Take a Walk!

Put the baby in warm pjs and put her in the front pack. Take a walk around the block or around the neighborhood. The cool night air will excite baby and she might coo at a bright streetlamp or a passing car. This excitement is so much fun to witness. Remember that she has never stared up at the stars. Never been in awe at the stillness and beauty of a deer. Enjoy these special moments with baby and forget about the dishes or that TV show you need to catch up on. Soon enough, the gentle rhythm of plodding footsteps and the warmth of her pjs will lull her to sleep. Babies crave this rhythm because they are used to being in a constantly moving environment in the womb.

2. Take a Drive!

Bundle baby up and put her in the car. Take a short ride and try to go somewhere pretty so that you can enjoy the car ride as much as she is going to. The gentle vibrations of the car and the moving lights she sees through the car window will soon have her mesmerized. Sometimes I find myself taking the long way home at night after I pick my baby up from the sitter, after work. Especially when I know that she is almost asleep, I can’t resist another loop around the block to send her to dreamland.

3. Make a fort! 

Who doesn’t love a blanket fort?! I like to lay my baby in her crib and drape a blanket over the top half of the crib. She loves to bat at it and talk to it, which quickly tires her out, and that combined with the lower light level due to the blanket is a recipe for insta-sleep! Just make sure you remove the blanket after she falls asleep to avoid the risk of suffocation. Yikes! :S

4. Dance it Out!

Sometimes trying to put baby to sleep makes me just as cranky and tired as she is. Babies are crazy good at sensing this crankiness and may act out because of it. It is super important to stay chill and upbeat when putting a baby to bed so baby knows that bedtime isn’t a bad thing. To set a different mood, put on your favorite tunes, pick up your baby and dance your heart out. You’ll start to feel better as you sing along with the music and baby will too. Dance until you are pooped and I bet she will be too from all the excitement!

5. Take a Bath!

Bathtime is Echo’s favorite. She loves to splash in the water and slide around on her back in the bath tub. It is fun to run her hand under a running faucet or light up when her splash makes a loud noise. All that splashing soon tires her out and PJs feel extra warm and cozy on her damp skin. Swimming makes me tired too!

6. Snuggle Up!

You know how sometimes you just want to cuddle? Why is it so crazy to think that babies feel extra needy sometimes too? It is NEVER spoiling your child to give them extra attention. Attention is one of the basic human needs. Snuggle up close to baby and tickle her tummy, kiss her forehead and walk fingertips up her arms. She might make little cooing sounds. Have a conversation with your baby, taking turns listening and talking. You are her whole world and sometimes you’re the only cure for all her woes.

Super Simple Chevron Washcloths

Chevron Washcloth Pinnable

These super strong washcloths work up fast and would make a super cute addition to any baby shower present! Trust me, anyone with a baby knows that there is NEVER such a thing as too many washcloths! It is all single crochets so it is a good first project for beginning crocheters.


-Size H Hook

-Cascade 220 100% Wool yarn in Pink and White


-Ch = Chain

-Sc = Single Crochet

-Sk = Skip

-Sl St = Slip Stitch

Super Simple Chevron Washcloth:

Round 1: Ch 21 (Pink)

Round 2: Sc 4, 3 Sc in next st, Sc 4, Sk 2, Sc 4, 3 Sc in next st, sc 4,  ch 1, turn.

Rounds 3-4: Sc 3, Sk 1, 3 Sc in next st, Sc 4, Sk 2, Sc 4, 3 Sc in next st, Sc 2, Sk 1, Sc 1, ch 1, turn.

Round 5-7: (white) Repeat Round 3.

Round 8-10: (pink) Repeat Round 3, Sl st, fasten off.

Filling in the Triangles:

Sc down one side of a triangle and sl st to connect it to the side of the next triangle, Turn and Sc back across, skipping the 2nd to last stitch, Sc 1, ch 1 and turn, Sk the 1st St and Sc back down and sl st again. Continue in this manner until the gap is filled.

Filling in the Corners:

Sc across edge, ch 1, turn, sk 1, sc across, sk 2nd to last one, sc in last one, ch 1, turn, Sk first one, Sc across, Sk 2nd to last, Sc in last, ch 1, turn, continue in this manner until it comes to a point.

Finishing Touches:

3 Sc in one corner, Sc to next corner, repeat around. Do this twice.

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Crochet Cuddly Jellyfish Amigurumi

Jellyfish Pinnable

My 6 Month old baby girl absolutely adores her new jellyfish toy! It has no eyes for her to chew on and the tentacles are all made in a round and then attached as one piece to the jellyfish hood so she can’t break them off and choke on them. She likes it when I tickle her nose with the tentacles and loves it when I press him against her chest and make a buzzing sound like she is being stung. It is always a surefire way to get her to belly laugh. 🙂


-Size H Hook

-Simply Soft Yarn in Pagoda


-Magic Ring: Tutorial

-Ch = Chain

-Sc = Single Crochet

-Inc = Increase = 2 single crochets in the same stitch

-Bpsc = Back Post Single Crochet

-Dc = Double Crochet

-Sl St = Slip Stitch

-Tc = Triple Crochet

-Jellyfish Tentacle = Bpsc,  ch 25, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across

Jellyfish Bottom and Tentacles:

Round 1: Magic Circle 5 Sc

Round 2: Inc in each stitch (10).

Round 3: Sc 1, Inc, repeat around, adding tentacles after the 3rd, 9th and 15th sts (15).

Round 4: Sc in first 2, Inc, repeat around (20).

Round 5: Sc in first 3, Inc, repeat around, adding tentacles after the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th sts (25).

Round 6: Sc in first 4, Inc, repeat around (30).

Round 7: Sc in first 5, Inc, repeat around, adding tentacles after the 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th and 35th sts (35).

Round 8: Sc in first 6, Inc, repeat around (40). Sl St and fasten off.

Jellyfish Hood:

Round 1 (In Pagoda): Magic Circle 5 Sc

Round 2: Inc around (10). Mark beginning of next round.

Round 3: 1 Sc, Inc, repeat around (15).

Round 4: 1 Sc, 1 Sc,Inc, repeat around (20).

Round 5: Sc 1 in first 3, Inc, repeat around (25).

Round 5: Sc 1 in first 4, Inc, repeat around (30)

Round 6: Sc 1 in first 5, Inc, repeat around (35)

Round 7 : Sc 1 in first 6, Inc, repeat around (40)

Round 8: Sc evenly around, and join with a Sc to the outer edge of the tentacle circle.

Scalloped Jellyfish Edge:

Crocheting through both the stitches of the hood and the stitches of the tentacle circle at the same time,

sc, dc, tc, dc, sc, repeat around.

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