Striped Baby Leg Warmers

Pinnable Baby Leg Warmers

These super cute leg warmers are size 6-9 months. Use a smaller or bigger hook to obtain a different size or adjust the number of rows in the cuff. The cuff is textured and extra stretchy using back loops only and the body is textured using the super simple star stitch (sc, dc). There is also a foot strap at the bottom to help keep the leg warmers on your wiggle worms. My baby loves her new striped leg warmers and it only took me 30 minutes to make them!


-Size H Hook

-Cascade 220 100% Wool yarn in Pink and White


-Ch = Chain

-Sc = Single Crochet

-Dc = Double Crochet

-BLO = Back Loops Only

-Sk = Skip

-Sl St = Slip Stitch


(Done all in White)

Round 1: Ch 12.

Round 2: Dc in 3rd Ch from hook and in each St across.

Round 3: Ch 2 (Counts as first Dc). BLO Dc in the second stitch and each St across.

Rounds 4-18: Repeat Round 3.

Round 19: Sl st the ends together to form a ring, do not twist.

Round 20: Ch 1, Sc in same space, Sc around the ring. Sl st to first Sc. You should get 30 st.

Leg Warmer Stripes:

Round 21 (In Pink): Ch 1, Sc in same space, Dc in next st, *Sc in next, Dc in next. Repeat from * til end, Sl st to first Sc.

Rounds 22-26 (In Pink): Repeat Round 21.

Rounds 27-31 (In White): Repeat Round 21.

Rounds 32-36 (In Pink): Repeat Round 21.

Rounds 37-41 (In White): Repeat Round 21.

Foot Strap:

Row 1(In Pink): Ch 1, BLO Sc in same St, Dc in next, Sc in next, Dc in next, Ch 1, turn.

Rows 2-6: Repeat Row 1.

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