Crochet Mario Star Granny Square Free Pattern

Mario Star Pinnable

This is the second installment of my Mario Granny Square collection. You can find a pattern for the Mario Bomb square HERE. Mario is a timeless video game that always makes me feel nostalgic. I am designing a collection of Mario themed granny squares so I can make my baby a Mario blanket and share that good feeling with her. Video games have come a long way since then and not necessarily in a good way, but it’s nice to know that the classics will always be the classics. Feel free to use this free pattern in whatever way you see fit just link back to me in any sales you make of your finished product or if you post any pictures of what you made! I hope to see lots of blankets and maybe someone could even tackle a messenger bag! Wouldn’t that be cute? 🙂

-Size H Hook

-Simply Soft Yarn in Black, Sunshine, and White

-Large plastic embroidery needle for attaching eyes


-Magic Ring: Tutorial
-Ch = Chain

-Sc = Single Crochet

-Hdc = Half Double Crochet

-Dc = Double Crochet

-Sl St = Slip Stitch

-Sk = Skip

-FLO = Front Loops Only

-Adj Dc = Adjacent Double Crochet Stitch – Tutorial HERE

Crochet Mario Star Granny Square:

Round 1 (In Sunshine): Magic Circle 10 Dc

Round 2: Ch 3 (Counts as first Dc), Dc in same stitch, Dc 2 in each st around, sl st to top of ch 3 (20)

Round 3: FLO Ch 1, *Dc 2 sts in each of next 2 sts, 1 Sc in each of next two sts. Repeat from * til end (ch 1 counts as second Sc for last repeat), sl st to top of ch 3.

Round 4: Ch 1, *Sk 1, 2 dc in next st, 1 adj Dc on last Dc, 2 Dc in next st, 1 sc in next st, 1 sl st in next st, 1 sc in next st. Repeat from * til end. Sl st to ch 1, fasten off and weave in ends.

Round 5 (attach black to spare loop of round 3): Ch 3,  Dc 4 in same st, Dc 1 in next 4 sts, *Dc 5 in the next stitch, then Dc 1 in the next 4 sts. Repeat from * twice, sl st to top of ch 3.

Round 5: Sl st 2, ch 3, 4 Dc in same stitch, *Dc 8, 5 Dc in corner st. Repeat from * til end, sl st to top of ch 3, fasten off and weave in ends.

Black Mario Star Eyes:

(Make Two) Ch 5, Hdc in 3rd ch from hook, Hdc in next two, sl st to beginning ch, fasten off and weave in ends. Attach to star using embroidery needle. Stitch on white for eye highlights.

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