Super Simple Chevron Washcloths

Chevron Washcloth Pinnable

These super strong washcloths work up fast and would make a super cute addition to any baby shower present! Trust me, anyone with a baby knows that there is NEVER such a thing as too many washcloths! It is all single crochets so it is a good first project for beginning crocheters.


-Size H Hook

-Cascade 220 100% Wool yarn in Pink and White


-Ch = Chain

-Sc = Single Crochet

-Sk = Skip

-Sl St = Slip Stitch

Super Simple Chevron Washcloth:

Round 1: Ch 21 (Pink)

Round 2: Sc 4, 3 Sc in next st, Sc 4, Sk 2, Sc 4, 3 Sc in next st, sc 4,  ch 1, turn.

Rounds 3-4: Sc 3, Sk 1, 3 Sc in next st, Sc 4, Sk 2, Sc 4, 3 Sc in next st, Sc 2, Sk 1, Sc 1, ch 1, turn.

Round 5-7: (white) Repeat Round 3.

Round 8-10: (pink) Repeat Round 3, Sl st, fasten off.

Filling in the Triangles:

Sc down one side of a triangle and sl st to connect it to the side of the next triangle, Turn and Sc back across, skipping the 2nd to last stitch, Sc 1, ch 1 and turn, Sk the 1st St and Sc back down and sl st again. Continue in this manner until the gap is filled.

Filling in the Corners:

Sc across edge, ch 1, turn, sk 1, sc across, sk 2nd to last one, sc in last one, ch 1, turn, Sk first one, Sc across, Sk 2nd to last, Sc in last, ch 1, turn, continue in this manner until it comes to a point.

Finishing Touches:

3 Sc in one corner, Sc to next corner, repeat around. Do this twice.

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